Need I turn the RFQ by 90 degrees?
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Need I turn the RFQ by 90 degrees?

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Dear Romuald,
I can obtain consistent simulation results from Toutatis and other RFQ simulation codes,
and similar twiss parameters can be obtained at the exit of the RFQ.
But I notice that I have used the following parameter in the “inp” file:

theStartingModulation -1 // allows to change the starting modulation convention, it is equivalent to turn the RFQ by 90 degrees

This means that the RFQ is turned by 90 degrees around the z-axis with theStartingModulation of -1. (with theStartingModulation of 1,
the default value, there is no turn)
However, in other codes, for example, RFQGen, x-axis stands for the horizontal direction, and y-axis stands for the vertical direction.
So, it seems that in Toutatis, the default axis system is that x: vertical direction; y: horizontal direction.
Is this right?

By Qingzi
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