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Forum dedicated to beam dynamics CEA softwares
Forum rules
The objective of this forum is to allow the community of users to share information related to errors, fixed bugs, supports, tips, practices, strategy and methods promoted by developers and especially users.

This forum therefore intends to replace the usual exchanges by email between users and developers in order to open them more widely to all users. Indeed, some users have acquired a deeper knowledge of the codes than the developers themselves.

Thus, this forum aims at inceasing efficiency through direct mutual assistance between users and the sharing of knowledge and experience

Confidentiality issue
Of course, such forum is not necessarily compatible with the confidentiality of certain data, especially when configuration files must be transmitted without being shared with the entire community.
In these sometimes necessary confitions, data will have to be transmitted via private messages available in this forum, to limit and control their access.
But I remind you that if you simplify your projects sufficiently illustrating the problem encountered or the question, sharing your examples and the answers with the whole community is relevant in most cases.

The user of this website is aware of the fact that the Internet is not a perfectly secure medium and that absolute privacy cannot be guaranteed

Other topics may be added in the future according to your requests or suggestions.
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